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24 February 2009

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Oz & James visit Camel Valley TV's odd couple, wine buff Oz Clarke and motoring journalist James May in their latest screen adventure (on British drink) in this week's episode called in at Cornish vineyard Camel Valley so Oz could demonstrate to James just how good English wine can be. The programme shows Camel Valley owner Bob Lindo and his son and winemaker Sam squeezed into the TV duo's tiny and ancient caravan (towed by an elderly but elegant Rolls Royce) sampling Camel Valley's wines,including Bacchus and its prize winning sparkling wines. Bob Lindo is a past master at obtaining acres of good free publicity from newspapers, magazines, radio and TV but even he was looking distinctly uncomfortable in the miniscule caravan - however, as good publicity for his vineyard, it was undoubtedly publicity which could not be bought and the dividend will surely show in the coming months especially as Camel Valley is well geared up to receive tourists with tours of the vineyard and winery and an attractive shop. More Britis are expected to holiday in the UK this year because of the Credit Crunch and falling pound and Cornwall is set to receive a big boost to its tourism numbers and spend, so once again - well done Bob and Sam - a few minutes discomfort with the odd couple should be handsomely repaid in increased sales and visitor numbers this year.
24 February 2009

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